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Why Work With Atraxia Media?

We know there's no shortage of law firm marketing agencies. We have learned from our 20 years of experience there is no magic bullet. The secret is hard work, ongoing analysis and constant shaping of the marketing strategy to pull the most out of the advertising spend.

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    Honest Media

    At Atraxia Media all advertising is sourced and procured by our in-house media team. All aspects of advertising from ad development, script, graphics, ad placement, ad tracking to call screening and intake services providing signed contracts are in house.

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    What is your marketing company really doing for you? Most can't answer that question. Here at Atraxia, you'll get reporting on budgets, contracts and pending clients daily, weekly and monthly. If you have a question, we'll answer it, in a way you can actually understand.

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    We take pride in the product we send out. We are aligned with the firms we work with in that we begin with the end in mind. The end of course is a good client that has a high probability of being helped through a legal remedy.

Why our clients work with us?

“A member of our team had the extraordinary idea to hire a marketing company in order to increase the reputation and popularity of our law firm and thus we ended up working with Atraxia Media, which never ceases to amaze us with their smart ideas.”


“Asbestos cases are renowned for being extremely difficult to pursue, especially if the client cannot remember all the details of their exposure. Therefore, we thought to rely on the assistance of a specialized company in this respect, namely Atraxia Media, and we were not disappointed.”


“The struggle of working on talcum powder exposure cases is undoubtedly familiar in the litigation world. For this reason, we reached a point when we realized we needed more help with handling this type of cases and entering a partnership with Atraxia Media could not have been a better idea.”


“Although our law firm was going quite great, we were still feeling the necessity of making it more well-known. This is why we decided to collaborate with Atraxia Media, which was the perfect choice. By putting forward their amazing marketing ideas, we are now more renowned than ever.”


“Before finding out about Atraxia Media, we have tried – unsuccessfully – working with two other similar companies to help our law firm with the defective products cases we were receiving, as our team was not as numerous as it is at the moment. However, Atraxia Media was the best choice.”


“Handling talcum exposure cases is often very difficult. We thought it would be a good idea to collaborate with Atraxia Media to make our work easier. Not only did they take great care of our cases by vetting the necessary documents, but they also increased our reputation as a law firm.”


“Atraxia Media did wonders for us by employing their well-thought campaigns several years ago, since our law firm was about to hit rock bottom. We were aware that we needed the best marketing team to help us grow again and receive more and more cases to work on.”


“As a law firm specializing in defective drugs lawsuits, we became overwhelmed by the number of cases we were receiving and we desperately needed some kind of structure. We began looking for a company which could help us with our workload and Atraxia Media was without a doubt the best choice.”


“Atraxia Media recently succeeded in increasing our number of clients by virtue of their clever marketing campaign. Our law firm was treated with the utmost respect and our collaboration could not have been more professional. At the moment, we receive twice as many cases as we would in the past.”


Having been involved with mass tort firms for 20 years, we have an understanding of your firm's need for advertising compliance and vetted contracts.
If you have seen a defective pharmaceutical or medical device advertised in the last 20 years, chances are we have been involved with the litigation in one way or another.