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With over 20 years of experience, Atraxia Media is a legal-centric media and marketing company which provides services to plaintiff injury law firms. Our areas of focus are defective drugs, asbestos, and defective products. We approach every client with professionalism, honesty, and transparency and also employ exclusively ethical marketing practices. Some of the services we can assist law firms with include signed contracts, intake services, social media advertising, as well as pay-per-call TV.

Why Choose Atraxia Media?

Atraxia Media is dedicated to keeping the cost per case as low as possible. In pursuit of that goal, we have built a marketing engine that spans across multiple channels including digital, radio and TV. Our marketing is backed by over 20 years of experience in media buying across multiple verticals.

You want cases that are a slam dunk, we cater to that by focusing on sources with the highest intent. Our team is constantly focusing on the niche differences between case types and optimizing our marketing engine to find the lowest cost and best lead the environment allows. We are experts at marketing and being a small company we can constantly audit the tools we use for the greatest effect. This gives us an advantage over large companies who may be bogged down by yesterday’s technology.

We believe in user finding us naturally through Search Engine Optimization and follow up on that with extensive use of Google AdWords, Bing Search, and extremely targeted display advertising.

We are Google AdWords certified and our past experience includes advertising agencies, and work in multiple verticals including real estate, finance, autos, and more. Rest assured your marketing dollars are wisely spent with Atraxia Media.

Since legal marketing is unique, our team uses only compliant and source-approved media such as PPC, TV, radio or social media. Our team of experts has decades of experience buying media and acquiring leads. We use that experience to obtain the most satisfactory results for our clients so they can expand their businesses, focus on their core, grow their client base and achieve greater revenue. Our team handles every aspect of the advertising process: ad development, analytics, optimization, script writing, media placement, and intake.

We benefit from the latest technology for tracking and gathering statistical data, which eases our work to a tremendous extent. This also greatly helps our clients, as their workload is significantly reduced and simplified.

Our team gladly invests time and energy in taking the heavy burden off the shoulders of attorneys, who are often extremely busy and even overwhelmed by the amount of workload they have to handle and also by the effort they have to put into pursuing every case. We provide excellent assistance with selecting which leads are suitable for the law firm we are collaborating with, vetting cases and gathering evidence to support the validity of a lawsuit.

By virtue of the Atraxia Intake Management System (AIMS), we combine advertising, first contact and screening operations for each law firm which requests our assistance. This way, our work is simplified and completed in a much more efficient manner. Handling mass tort intake must be simple, effective and flexible, as it involves a high volume of work.

This element implies 3 steps, each focusing on a certain department. Firstly, our contact and screening center takes over the request of the law firm so as to know exactly what their request is and what outcome they expect. Subsequently, our questionnaire and signing specialists make sure to put every document in order and centralize the papers to ease our next mission. Last but not least, we contact the law firm which sought our assistance and present it our final result.

We have simplified our data flow infrastructure, from lead intake to signing the contract. We receive the leads on behalf of the law firm we collaborate with via a filled out form or by phone, decide whether they are valid and then, if they qualify as a case, send them to our signing specialists. Eventually, the law firm will get their contracts signed, which makes their work easier and less overwhelming.

Once we receive the necessary funds from the law firm which needs advertising, we quickly begin organizing effective marketing campaigns to increase their client base, revenue, and visibility. If they also request assistance with their incoming leads, the specialists at Atraxia Media will screen each lead and decide whether it is eligible. Data flow ensues, which entails our signing specialists taking care of the contracts, which ultimately go back to the law firm in question.

Finally, our company has given up on the typical hierarchal structure, as we found out we work more efficiently as a team, by free collaboration with each other. We believe in a linear structure where ideas and innovation come from the spirit of community. This way, we can attack the dynamic environment inherent to advertising instead of reacting to it.

If you need professional and effective assistance for your law firm, we are here to help. We provide solutions to challenges the legal world faces every day. Do not hesitate to contact Atraxia Media and our team will quickly put forward their best ideas and strategies to obtain the best results for your business.

Work With A Results-Driven Team

Stan - President / CEO

"I’ve been at this since 1999 and I have seen what to do and what not to do. Knowing how firms work, knowing what they want and knowing the right firms to work with is important. It takes hard work.”

Aaron - Operations Manager

"Just being through this and seeing behind the scenes of what it takes to build out not only just the phone systems and the management systems that we use to track the things all the way through, means a lot of work.”

Matt - Partner

"I’ve been in this industry for about twelve years. We do a very good job of sourcing here; making sure that our marketing is ethical. We are not going out there purchasing leads or working with other vendors or generating these. What we are doing is all self-generation.”

Mike - Director of Business Development

"I do everything from outreach to events, in a way to get our message out and connect with organizations across the U.S. I've got about 20 years of business development experience, from having my own business to corporate sales roles.”

Miguel - Custumer Satisfaction Manager

"I gather basic information and then I send it over. It is important to hear people out. I’m working with a lot of older people so I have to be understanding, comprehensive, and patient with these people.”

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