Asbestos Lung Cancer Contracts

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Asbestos Lung Cancer Facts & History Information

Asbestos-related lung cancer kills thousands of Americans annually. One of the particularities of asbestos-related diseases is that they may have an average latency period of 40-50 years from initial exposure to onset of symptoms. Most asbestos-related diseases diagnosed today were caused by occupational exposure that occurred decades ago when the use of asbestos was widespread.

In the late 1970s, trial courts began to experience a flood of asbestos litigation. Thousands of claims relating to personal injury damages caused by asbestos products began building up against hundreds of asbestos defendants. Consequently, the cases were consolidated in 1991 under Multidistrict Litigation 875 (MDL 875), otherwise known as In Re: Asbestos Products Liability Litigation (No. VI), docketed in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania.

The results of this MDL are impressive. Since 2006, 186,723 cases were transferred to this MDL. Of those cases, 186,695 have been resolved. Currently, it consists of about 3,000 cases. Each case is typically brought by multiple plaintiffs against multiple defendants.


Location: Pennsylvania

Presiding Judge: Eduardo C. Robreno

Plaintiffs: 875 litigations

Product: asbestos

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