Wildfire Contracts

If you are a law firm looking for quality marketing services for wildfire cases, Atraxia Media can help you.

With over 20 years of experience, Atraxia Media can efficiently devise a marketing campaign if your law firm seeks to attract clients impacted by wildfires. Our team knows that each law firm is unique and has different requirements for the clients it wants to assist or represent, which is why we provide marketing strategies tailored specifically to your needs. Every year, approximately 70,000 wildfires occur across the country, destroying properties, injuring people, and claiming lives. People impacted by wildfires in any way have the right to request compensation from their insurance companies and the responsible party if applicable. If you are a lawyer who currently takes up wildfire cases, we strongly encourage you to contact our resourceful team.

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Our Eligibility & Screening Criteria in Wildfire Cases

We have a proven track record of delivering contracts that meet law firms' requirements, no matter how complex they are. Our experienced team is highly familiar with wildfire cases and will assist you in launching your campaign, by virtue of which you will eventually obtain signed contracts for your law firm. Atraxia Media will devise a marketing campaign following these essential steps:

  • Pre-screening. During the first step of the process, we will carefully select the clients that seem to be a good fit for your law firm. Our team understands that your time is precious and should not be wasted on reviewing the case of each individual affected by a wildfire, as some will not meet your eligibility criteria. Therefore, we will do the hard work for you so that you can use your time to attend to more important matters.
  • Screening each case. We design straightforward inquiries to get to the core of a potential client's situation, which helps us determine whether their case suits your law firm. Our goal is to differentiate between eligible and ineligible clients.
  • Following up with potential wildfire clients. Our skilled team will create a follow-up schedule to keep the intake process efficient and effective. This step aims to ensure that each potential client is still interested in taking legal action and to offer answers to their questions.
  • Delivering signed contracts to your law firm. After thoroughly reviewing the case of every individual and making sure they meet your requirements, we will start delivering signed wildfire contracts to your law firm. You can rest assured that you will receive contracts regularly from us.
  • Connecting you with a greater volume of prospective wildfire claimants. Atraxia Media will help your law firm thrive and expand by increasing the number of wildfire cases you take up. Having more clients will also increase your law firm's visibility and revenue.
  • Running in-house marketing strategies that generate cases. As leads come in from potential wildfire claimants, they are routed to our internal intake department, where they are selected based on your law firm's criteria. This makes our work substantially more efficient, resulting in you receiving more signed contracts and the best clients possible.
  • Signing potential wildfire claimants exclusively for your law firm. Once we are sure a client is a good fit for your law firm, we will facilitate the connection between you and them so that you can begin working on their case. By working with our experienced team, you should not worry about your wildfire client influx, as we will ensure you will receive enough cases.

Individuals who meet the criteria below may be eligible to file a wildfire claim:

  • They experienced injuries as a result of a wildfire occurring close to where they were located at that moment, or
  • The wildfire destroyed or killed one of the following:
    • their home
    • their business location
    • the home they were renting
    • their personal belongings
    • their vehicle
    • their pets
    • their livestock
    • their land

If your law firm is looking for a marketing partner to devise a strong, effective campaign to attract wildfire victims, Atraxia Media is the ideal company for you. We have over two decades of experience, having assisted dozens of law firms with outstanding results, so our team has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you. Our company will provide cost-effective, transparent strategies meant to find the perfect wildfire claimants for you. No matter how many requirements you have, our endeavors are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Wildfires Facts & History

Living in a state prone to wildfires dramatically increases your risk of experiencing serious injuries and irreparable property damage. California is by far the state where most wildfires occur. Still, these devastating phenomena, which can sometimes be the consequence of human negligence, are also common in Arizona, Texas, and Colorado. Some of the most devastating wildfires that struck the country in 2022 are the following:

  • the Oak Fire, which destroyed 19,244 acres in California
  • the Tunnel Fire, which destroyed 19,088 acres in Arizona
  • the McKinney Fire, which destroyed 60,138 acres in California
  • the Eastland Complex fires, which destroyed 54,463 acres in Texas
  • the Marshall Fire, which destroyed 6,200 acres in Colorado
  • the Borrega Fire, which destroyed 51,566 acres in Texas
  • the Six Rivers Lightning Complex, which destroyed 41,596 acres in California
  • the Mosquito Fire, which destroyed 76,788 acres in California

The McKinney Fire is believed to have been caused by power lines, while the Mosquito Fire might have been the result of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company's electrical activity. If a company is found responsible for one of these wildfires, the affected people will have the right to seek financial compensation from it. Nevertheless, it is important to note that individuals can obtain money from the liable party only for the damages their insurance policy does not cover.




  • December:

    A Placer County agency filed a lawsuit against Pacific Gas & Electric Company for damages related to the Mosquito Fire, the largest wildfire in California that occurred in 2022. The agency claims that it lost tens of millions of dollars in power sales alone from the wildfire that started at the beginning of September and destroyed nearly 77,000 acres of land and 78 structures across the Tahoe and Eldorado National Forests. The lawsuit alleges that the fire, which burned for roughly one month, "was caused by a defect or a malfunction with PG&E's electrical transmission facilities and equipment" and that "the fire started when PG&E's equipment failed, and contacted or caused sparks to contact, and ignited surrounding vegetation."

  • November:

    Eight people filed a lawsuit against the company that owns a lumber mill linked to the Mill Fire in Northern California that destroyed 118 buildings and damaged 26 others in Siskiyou County in the summer of 2022. The cause of the fire is thought to be equipment failure at the lumber mill. According to the lawsuit, Roseburg Forest Products Co. carried out operations at its mill "in a reckless manner that they knew or should have known caused an unreasonable risk of catastrophic fire." The lawsuit was filed in the San Francisco Superior Court. It accuses the lumber mill of numerous transgressions, including negligence and health and safety violations. The plaintiffs are homeowners and renters.

  • March:

    Multiple individuals filed a lawsuit against Xcel Energy, a utility holding company whose power lines are believed to have caused the Marshall fire in Colorado. Two of the lead plaintiffs are George and Lisa Kupfner, owners of Eldorado Liquor Inc. Their lawsuit alleges they were "terrorized and damaged" by the wildfire, which destroyed or damaged over 1,000 structures. It also claims that the power lines and utility equipment "were a substantial factor in the cause, origins and continuation" of the fire. While initially, the lawsuit was dismissed, it was allowed to continue in November. If Xcel Energy is found responsible for the wildfire, it would have to pay over $2 billion in losses.

Atraxia Media is a legal-centric marketing company that devises campaigns to attract and retain clients for law firms. Our team is committed to providing top-notch services for your law firm so that you can focus on other important matters while we find the perfect wildfire claimants for you. We deliver marketing services to build long-lasting relationships with our clients. If you want to increase your efficiency and productivity, Atraxia Media is the best company for your law firm. We approach every legal client with professionalism, honesty, and transparency. Our skilled and resourceful team can discover the best wildfire claimants for you according to your specific requirements.