Frequently Asked Questions

Law Firm Marketing

We test and track many funnels utilizing the most effective and focused strategies with ads on channels that range from TV, radio, web directories, online search, mobile search, social media, and the list goes on. If you also request assistance with incoming leads, then we start a pre-qualification process for the leads before transferring them to your law firm. We weed all the leads that are coming through down to what's actually qualifying for your law firm. Next, our staff follows up with people who have been qualified by our intake department. We also complete an interview to make sure that they have a legitimate case. After they agree to the terms of the contract, you get your contracts signed, which makes your work easier and less overwhelming.

Our success is based on the success of what we can provide to your law firm. That is why we keep control over how we are sourcing and we can generate quality as well as volume. Our team uses only compliant and source-approved media and handles every aspect of the advertising process. Our intake department, which is fully staffed to handle the multitude of volume that we have, runs simultaneously 6-8 different campaigns with different litigation across the board for law firms. What we want is to make sure that all the leads that we're generating hold value and that, in the long run, our campaigns have less of an attrition rate than other marketing entities.

Mass Tort Practice Area

We cover a multitude of product sectors in the mass torts arena. Atraxia Media reaches out to people who have various types of injuries dealing with dangerous drugs, asbestos, medical devices, and other dangerous products.

Campaign Management

That is one of the things that set our campaigns apart. Every law firm that we work with is different as far as what campaign criteria or case criteria it is willing to accept. Some firms like to be involved with a multitude of campaigns all at once, others like to go after something that is going to pay out sooner than later. We do a really good job of working with each client, making sure that we're not just processing cases through, but that we're actually getting the exact criteria that you're looking to accept.

Media Buying

Ad development is the process by which an advertisement for any given medium is made. The process typically begins with brainstorming and concept mapping. You decide what message you want to convey, how you want to convey it and record your thoughts. When you are developing ads it helps to know the audience you are trying to reach and what they find appealing. Ad development starts with an idea and ends with the full production of an advertising piece such as a banner ad, television/radio commercial, social media ad, or billboard.

Atraxia Media ads

Media placement is the art of making hopefully intelligent decisions regarding where you place your media. There are a ton of decisions to be made regarding media placement if you are starting from scratch. Depending on the product you are promoting certain mediums and channels have the potential to work better than others. It helps to understand advertising analytics and user intent when considering media placement. When looking at media placement, user intent can be especially important when recruiting leads because leads recruited via keyword searches (PPC) usually convert much higher than leads recruited from display banners.

That is where the user is only presupposed to have interest in the advertised product. Media placement via television advertising to a phone number is ultimately high intent because the customer heard the message, felt qualified, and put in the effort to reach out. Unless your advertising message was misleading, you should have little problem closing a high intent lead so keep that in mind when considering media placement.

Television Advertising

Atraxia Media tv ads

Television advertising starts with a produced commercial that relays a message which aims to produce an action that benefits the advertiser. The creation of the produced commercials can vary widely in cost depending on a variety of factors including video production, commercial length, actors, video editing, and even legal consulting. Costs generally vary from $1,500 to hundreds of thousands of dollars. Television ads can have a variety of different goals such as getting consumers to buy a product, promote a brand, generate leads, or promote a political cause. The cost also depends largely on whether you run on local television stations and/or national networks.

The time of day and during what events your commercial runs also heavily affects the cost. Television advertising is often used in conjunction with internet advertising and can greatly enhance organic traffic for your web site. The reach of television further exemplifies its effectiveness in that it reaches approximately 70% of the population in a day, and 90% in a week. The question of whether television advertising works depends on your definition of “works”. Television definitely gets eyeballs but many factors including the effectiveness of the message, the day-part, the geography, the cost, and even back-end logistics (such as easy to remember phone numbers, call center effectiveness, product availability, etc.) can make or break your campaign.

At the end of the day, yes, television advertising does work. There is a reason so many corporations are using television to move their products. However, in order to set yourself up for success, clearly define your goals for the advertising and figure out if the time and cost are worth it for your business. Consult with a television advertising expert who has experience in your sector and they should be able to offer you some guidelines for success.

Atraxia Media TV ads

Pay per call TV is an arrangement to buy television advertising but instead of paying per commercial airing (spot) you pay per call received from said television spots running. The organization running the spot would be incentivized to use a very enticing message that garners calls with even the slightest hint of interest while the advertiser would rather use a very focused message with only the best of the best high intent calls. The pay per call model puts some of the risks in the hands of the television networks as opposed to just the advertiser if no response is generated from the commercials. If the commercial and optimization are done really well, then a lot of calls are generated in an efficient manner and the television network can make a lot of money from sold calls.

Radio Advertising

Atraxia Media Radio Ads

Radio advertising is simply the process of buying advertising that is placed on radio as a medium. Radio is now loosely defined as either terrestrial radio/over-the-air (OTA) radio or internet-based radio that is usually run through satellite devices or apps found in iOS or Android.

Atraxia Media radio ads

A radio ad is a produced audio commercial that can air on over-the-air radio stations as well as internet-based radio services like Pandora or Spotify. Radio advertising has a niche in and of itself in that radio in this day and age is typically listened to by people commuting to or at work. Many advertisers want to target that audience. The trade-off with radio is that it typically works better with repetition (running multiple commercials overtime to keep the message in the listeners' head). A radio listener simply isn’t typically in a forum where they can write down a phone number or web site right away but with repetition, it’s a medium that has proven to generate response.

Some methods to increase effectiveness include having your copy read by local radio talent and having easy to remember response mechanisms like phone numbers and web sites.

Social Media Advertising

Atraxia Media ad placement

Social media advertising is simply advertising on one of the social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Linkedin. Each platform has its own advertising interface with special types of targeting. Facebook, for example, allows for the creation of audiences to target based on customer profiles you can upload to Facebook or define specifically within their interface.

Atraxia Media Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are their own special kind of animal. The thing with Facebook ads is that people are on Facebook with very little intent to see or respond to ads. If they do click on ads or respond to them they have made a drastic switch from surfing social media to conducting business and for some that can mean low conversion rates. The tradeoff though is that when done right, you can get a lot of leads for cheap on Facebook. But as the saying goes, you get what you pay for. There are exceptions but I feel it really depends on what you are pushing on Facebook. There are more options to target people on Facebook than most would care to shake a stick at and that’s what makes it an appealing forum to advertise on.

Atraxia Media Instagram Ads

Instagram ads largely operate by promoting posts. As such Instagram is more designated for brand awareness. It does share many of the targeting parameters that Facebook has (Facebook owns Instagram) but the nature of the app itself means a lot of that data is based on where the user has been before, not what they are doing right now. If you have a lot of reliance on visual elements and Instagram posts garner users and likes, then this forum may work for you.


Atraxia Media Ads

Advertising analytics is the art of analyzing the metrics involved with your advertising. Advertising analytics involves looking at response rates from advertising against any relevant field such as geography, time of day, ad copy variants, day of week, channel the ad is on, website the ad is on, etc. Many tools can be used for advertising analytics including Google Analytics, TVSquared, and Google Data Studio, and even Excel. Advertising analytics is ultimately used for ad optimization.

Atraxia Media Ads

Ad optimization is the art of maximizing the outcome of your advertising. Ad optimization can be achieved in many ways. Ad optimization should be performed on each marketing tactic employed, as well as optimizing the fit of those tactics into the marketing strategy as a whole. Ad optimization is borne from advertising analytics such that you are making changes to ads and ad placement based on what you find looking at analytics.

Atraxia Media Reporting

Yes. Every client receives reporting on budgets, contracts, and pending clients on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. If you have a question, we'll answer it, in a way you can clearly understand.

Lead Generation

Our leads are all self-generated through our own internal campaigns. We make sure that our marketing is ethical and we do a very good job of sourcing. We don't purchase leads and we don't work with other vendors to generate leads. We are aligned with the law firms that we work with and have the same goal in mind: compensable cases. That is why we generate not only leads but also signed contracts in the mass torts arena. What we want is for you to feel that our intake department is an extension of your intake staff in-house. That way, we have full control of the entire package we offer you from start to finish. We know exactly how everything is sourced and we screen everything in-house. Call us today to see how it works for your specific practice areas.

Atraxia Media conversion rate

Many factors play into conversion; however, our goal at Atraxia Media is to provide you with a valuable return on your investment. We are not just a lead provider. We generate the leads, but the most important thing we do at Atraxia Media is to make sure that we get in front of consumers as quickly as possible, get them screened to your firm's case requirements, sign them on your law firm's behalf and work with them. As our testimonials show, we've had clients that have told us that, once they go to pull medical records, we convert at a much higher rate than anybody else that they've worked with. And that is the thing that we want to hear the most.

Client Intake

Atraxia media client information

We collect full contact information and case-specific details about: types of injuries, exposure or use of a certain product, age, diagnosis, treatment, and annual income. All of this information is transmitted directly to you.

Atraxia Media Mass Tort Cases

As soon as we receive the necessary funds from your law firm, we begin gathering your requirements and the necessary data and implement your marketing campaign immediately. Most of the law firms that trust us with their marketing campaigns begin receiving signed cases by the end of the day.

We want to be as transparent as we possibly can so that you actually know what the market value of generating cases is. A lot of marketing entities try to undercut costs just to get money coming in, and that suffers on quality, it suffers on volume and it suffers on the overall cost per case. In that, when the market fluctuates, these entities have to go back and change their cost to whatever they might need. We don't guarantee a specific cost per contract. One of the ways that we are transparent with you is by charging an agency fee and thus, being able to show what the marketing was able to generate. We work everything within a range, typically within $100-200 per case.

This is because we run everything on a cash buy basis. We push all the money on the market and let it take control so we can generate as much volume as we possibly can in as short of a time frame as possible. That way we can analyze our campaigns and move things around, move budgets around based on what we see and we can control all of the aspects of a campaign.

Atraxia Intake Management System

Yes. We work with the latest technology for tracking and gathering statistical data - the Atraxia Intake Management System (AIMS) - which eases our work and greatly helps your firm as well, as your workload is also greatly reduced and simplified. AIMS helps us combine advertising, first contact and screening operations for your law firm and helps you gather evidence to support the validity of a case.

Yes. The Atraxia Media app provides reports that help you stay efficient and in budgets and track according to budgets. Our app provides reports of spends - ads, social media, TV, radio - and of intake case wise - grouped by daily, weekly, monthly and lifetime. You can find reports on contracts signed by you or contracts signed by us. Also, you can search for any records by phone, name or email.