How does your billing work?

We want to be as transparent as we possibly can so that you actually know what the market value of generating cases is.

A lot of marketing entities try to undercut costs just to get money coming in, and that suffers on quality, it suffers on volume and it suffers on the overall cost per case. In that, when the market fluctuates, these entities have to go back and change their cost to whatever they might need.

We don't guarantee a specific cost per contract.

One of the ways that we are transparent with you is by charging an agency fee and thus, being able to show what the marketing was able to generate. We work everything within a range, typically within $100-200 per case.

This is because we run everything on a cash buy basis. We push all the money on the market and let it take control so we can generate as much volume as we possibly can in as short of a time frame as possible. That way we can analyze our campaigns and move things around, move budgets around based on what we see and we can control all of the aspects of a campaign.