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If your law firm is seeking to take up Tepezza cases, our team of professionals can offer you the assistance you need to obtain signed contracts from clients who meet your specific eligibility requirements. While the medication is very effective in treating thyroid eye disease, it has come to light that using Tepezza can cause permanent hearing loss, as well as other hearing problems. Trust your Tepezza litigation campaign with Atraxia Media so you can focus on representing your clients. We can effectively help you with advertising and marketing, from the in-house call screening stage to intake services.

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Our Eligibility & Screening Criteria in Tepezza Cases

Atraxia Media has a proven track record of delivering signed contracts that meet our clients' requirements. Our team is highly familiar with Tepezza cases and can assist you in launching your campaign and obtaining signed contracts for your law firm. Atraxia Media can assist with implementing a marketing campaign that will include the following:

  • Pre-screening. Because we know that not all Tepezza clients are a good fit for your law firm, we will focus on finding the claimants that fit your law firm's eligibility criteria.
  • Screening every case. We will design straightforward inquiries to get to the core of a potential claimant's situation. Our mission is the same as yours - to prove these cases.
  • Following up with potential Tepezza clients. We create a thorough follow-up schedule to keep the intake process efficient and effective and to ensure client retention.
  • Delivering signed contracts to your law firm. Once we find Tepezza clients that are a good fit for your law firm, we will constantly deliver signed contracts to you.
  • Connecting you with a greater volume of prospective Tepezza claimants. We will assist you in increasing the number of Tepezza cases that fit your eligibility criteria.
  • Running in-house marketing techniques that generate cases. As leads come in, they are routed to the internal intake department, where they are vetted based on your law firm's requirements.
  • Signing potential Tepezza claimants exclusively to your law firm. If you decide to work with our team of professionals, you will not have to worry about the number of Tepezza claims you receive, as you will have a constant influx of signed contracts from us.

People who meet the criteria below may be eligible to file a Tepezza claim:

  • they must not have a prior diagnosis of hearing problems
  • they must have a diagnosis of hearing loss after one or more rounds of Tepezza injection

If your law firm is looking for a marketing partner to come up with a strong, effective campaign to attract Tepezza claimants, Atraxia Media is the perfect company for you. We have over 20 years of experience, having assisted numerous law firms with outstanding results, so our expert team has the necessary knowledge and resources to help you. Atraxia Media will offer you cost-effective, transparent strategies meant to find the ideal Tepezza claimants for you. No matter how complex your requirements are, our efforts are guaranteed to exceed your expectations.

Tepezza Facts & History

As a drug for the treatment of thyroid eye disease, Tepezza was approved by the FDA in 2020. Thyroid eye disease, also known as Graves's disease, is a rare, autoimmune disorder characterized by proptosis, a condition in which the eyes are pushed forward, which leads to eye pain, double vision, and difficulty closing the eyelid. Unlike other drugs, Tepezza actually treats the cause of thyroid eye disease, not only the symptoms.

However, it was found that using Tepezza can result in hearing problems, including permanent hearing loss. According to the Endocrine Society, up to 65% of individuals who use the medication regularly, four times a day, develop some degree of hearing loss. Furthermore, 85% of Tepezza users might experience hearing loss, according to a study, information that was revealed just one year after the drug was approved.

Although hearing loss has the strongest association with Tepezza infusion use, the drug was also found to cause other hearing problems, such as:

  • ear plugging sensation
  • increased sensitivity to sound
  • hearing muffled sounds
  • heightened hearing of their voice
  • damage to the inner ear
  • patulous eustachian tube

Researchers found that even though a few patients experienced improvement 3 months after stopping the use of Tepezza, many continue to struggle with the adverse effects of the drug. While the label of the medication contains warnings for side effects such as infusion reactions and worsening of preexisting irritable bowel disease, it fails to address hearing loss, tinnitus, hearing muffled sounds, or increased sensitivity to sound. For this reason, people began filing Tepezza claims with the manufacturer, Horizon Therapeutics USA Inc.




August: As of August 22, 2023, 46 Tepezza cases were pending in the MDL.

June: The MDL Panel consolidated all Tepezza cases from across the country into an MDL under Judge Thomas M. Durkin of Chicago.

April: Horizon Pharmaceuticals Inc. filed a motion in opposition to forming an MDL in California.


December: The pharmaceutical company Amgen paid $28.5 billion to acquire Horizon Therapeutics USA Inc. This may include potential liability for a growing number of Tepezza lawsuits filed by individuals who developed hearing loss.

October: Horizon Pharmaceuticals Inc. filed a motion to dismiss Daniel Weibel's complaint, alleging that he "fails to state plausible claims for failure to warn and design defect under Arizona law, which applies to this case" and that "punitive damages are not allowed under Arizona law because Tepezza is FDA-approved."

August: Daniel Weibel, a man from Arizona, filed a lawsuit against Horizon Pharmaceuticals Inc. The man claims his permanent hearing loss is the result of having used Tepezza between June 2020 and September 2020. Neither Weibel nor his doctor was aware of the risk of developing hearing loss or tinnitus, according to the complaint. He filed his lawsuit in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Illinois. In spite of the allegations, the manufacturer of Tepezza insists the label warns of hearing loss.

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