A Legal Intake Service Can Greatly Decrease Your Staffing Needs

While your law firm undoubtedly has a receptionist responsible for communicating with prospective clients and scheduling consultations, it is usually not enough, as one person cannot take care thoroughly of every matter which arises. Consequently, your client base may have to suffer to a great extent.

On the other hand, striving to hire and train multiple people to take care of such aspects will prove costly and time-consuming. A simple, yet effective solution to this problem is requesting the assistance of a legal intake team. By outsourcing your receptionist and client intake services to a specialized and professional team, your business will certainly enjoy greater revenue and renown.

In addition to performing all the services, a receptionist would do, a legal intake team will also employ other tools to make the process more efficient and to speed it up, such as:

  • outbound calling
  • reporting
  • smart lead tracking
  • contract services

These services will also come in handy when you have to handle a high volume of work and a single receptionist could not respond to every client. If there are not enough people to take care of their requests, the leads will be lost and they will most likely opt for a competitor, which will obviously result in revenue loss for you. Instead, if you collaborate with a legal intake team, they will ensure every client who contacts your law firm will receive a prompt, thorough answer to all their questions and requests. We use streamlined intake practices to rapidly screen and qualify new clients. Furthermore, your clients will be provided with comprehensive information about your legal practices, which will determine them to rest assured the services of your law firm are perfect for their needs.

Another disadvantage of having a receptionist is that they work exclusively during business hours. This way, you may lose prospective clients who desperately need your assistance outside your work schedule, on the weekends or on holidays. However, our legal intake team will be there to supervise the leads 24/7, every single day of the year. Therefore, your client base will not have to suffer - instead, it will significantly increase.

Finally, if your law firm has only one receptionist, they may not be qualified enough to convert every lead they receive due to lack of proper training. They may lose tremendous opportunities, which will lead to lower revenue for your business. The team of legal intake professionals at Atraxia Media is extensively trained to provide the support your company needs.

As a result, by working with a team which can provide expert legal intake services, your staffing needs will be considerably reduced, as you will no longer have to hire and train additional receptionists. If you need expert assistance with your lead intake, as well as with other aspects related to your law firm, do not hesitate to contact Atraxia Media and our specialists will immediately come to your help.