The Activities You Hate and How to Outsource Them

Are you looking for expert assistance with your mass tort advertising or lead intake? Or thinking about using an intake and client management system?

This article highlights Atraxia Media's approaches to advertising and intake so you can make the right choice for your law firm.

When you started your law firm, you didn't dream of spending your work hours chasing down new clientele, writing pitches and proposals, pestering unresponsive prospects, and wondering how to acquire new client business.

That's not the best use of your time.

Yet, according to the 2019 Thomson Reuters Small Law Firms Survey, nearly 40% of a lawyer's day goes into business development and administrative tasks other than the actual practice of law. Much of this is time for which you never get paid.

Media Buying to Increases Your Client Base and Revenue

Atraxia Media's goal is to be your effective sales rep and help you attract and retain clients. That's why we have put in place a marketing engine that spans across multiple media channels: T.V., radio, and social media.

We apply sales processes to the legal intake while maintaining the core belief that we help the user find us naturally. That means we advertise, maintain the sales pipeline, update contacts, and do manual outreach.

In a nutshell, we do the sales stuff so you can concentrate on doing the law stuff.

Administrative Tasks to Streamline the Process You Already Have

According to the same survey, a large percentage of law firms are concerned about a lack of internal efficiency and allocating too much time on administrative tasks. Despite this, relatively small proportions of firms take proactive steps to address their challenges.

This is unfortunate, because time-consuming administrative tasks are also limiting your firm's revenue growth and cutting into your time spent with clients.

If you're just sick of chasing down clients or losing them due to inappropriate follow-up, Atraxia Media is happy to take that off your plate.

Once you contact us and request assistance with your incoming leads and client intake, our specialists focus on all of the tasks required to get a new client on board, such as:

  • Screening each lead
  • Responding to any incoming inquiries
  • Deciding eligibility
  • Signing contracts

In our process, all you have to do is decide if you want to take the client. We do the rest for you.

What Does the Streamlined Intake Look Like?

This could be the intake process we use for your law firm:

  • We receive the leads on behalf of your law firm knowing exactly what your request is and what outcome you expect
  • The specialists in our contact and screening center decide if the leads are valid and qualify as a case
  • Subsequently, our signing specialists make sure to put every document in order to get the contract signed
  • We use the electronic signature which makes contract signing easier
  • We contact your law firm and present our final result

You shouldn't need to switch the technologies you use in your practice.

That's why we can connect to them and make the entire experience seamless for you, your staff, and your clients. If you are facing challenges acquiring new client business, please feel free to contact us. We will ensure your law firm's client satisfaction ratings and overall profits increase by improving your quality of service and efficiency and simplifying your work.