Customized Legal Intake Software Helps Law Firms Cut Costs in Half

Overflowing piles of paperwork, crowded files, phones ringing off the hook, and hundreds of unread emails are your daily reality as a lawyer. Not to mention the costs associated with keeping everything afloat by hiring a team to manage everything to keep the business running smoothly.

So, yes, you might have help at the office, but you might be thinking there should be a better way to automatize and process everything without feeling so overwhelmed and disorganized. There is, and the answer you're looking for is legal intake software.

If you've been looking into automating how your law firm processes the influx of inbound and outbound clientele, we might be able to help and explain in simple terms how to automate your business process.

What is Legal Intake Software?

In simple terms, legal intake software is a tool that helps automate how your law firm processes and organizes client information which includes:

  • collecting data on potential clients
  • scheduling client meetings and consultations
  • managing lead generation
  • closing cases
  • collecting payments
  • organizing client follow-up

Overall, good legal intake software programs are one of the best tools your law firm can use to oil your business's engine, capture information from possible leads, and use that information to process and convert potential leads into clients.

Isn't Legal Intake Software Complicated or Risky?

There might be some apprehension about adopting technology as a means of running your business, and this is especially true for law firms who have managed their business tech-free for most of their careers.

However, they might not necessarily grasp how automation can improve the quality of their professional services. Moreover, some folks simply enjoy the feel and security of paper and file cabinets.

While no one is saying that your law firm should go completely paperless overnight, adopting its electronic cousin, legal intake software, will make all the difference in your business.

As for complicated and risky, we're here to assure you that it's not. Our legal intake software subscription has been designed with simplicity and user-friendliness in mind. It's highly intuitive and efficient in processing data and client information quickly and painlessly.

As for safety, the program is safe to use and will not jeopardize your client's personal information. So, it's at least just as safe as its paper counterpart.

Finally, legal intake software will help cut your costs in half and do its job on its own without needing to hire new people.

3 Ways in Which Your Law Firm Benefits from Legal Intake Software

  • Saves time and money on data entry: The truth is that data entry is quite time-consuming, and it's hard to appreciate its less than positive impact on your business until you automatize it. So even if you've hired a legal assistant to do this, time will still be an issue. When it comes down to it, it costs your firm a lot more to hire someone for data entry, not to mention that humans are not as exact with tedious tasks as software is.
  • Removes a huge chunk of paperwork: We get it; we like paper too. It's physical. It's real. However, take a moment to consider the impact paper has on your business and the environment. Aside from needing a lot of space to physically store information such as payment options, client information, payment history, medical records, etc., it's also more challenging to handle and locate when you need it. Whereas with a program, you have everything at the click of a button. It's seamless, neat, organized, cheaper, and greener.
  • Superior client experience: So, aside from helping you cut serious costs and making your job easier, working with our firm and leasing our legal intake software will improve client experience, which, in the end, should matter most to your business. Imagine that you get a call from a client and how easier it would be to access their information in seconds rather than keeping them waiting until you check your file cabinets. It helps track and set reminders for essential dates, consultations, and general schedules, and you can quickly add and remove information in no time and all from your desk.

Ataxia Media Provides Customized Legal Intake Software for Your Law Firm

Overall, customized legal intake software is your go-to solution to run everything efficiently and it will have a say in how your law firm's infrastructure will behave and in the long run.

Finally, one of the best things Atraxia Media can help your law firm with is enhancing your clients' experience, increase lead generation, and ultimately help your business grow publicly and financially to serve your clients the best way possible.

So, if you've been thinking about automating your workflow but don't know where to start or you have more questions about our legal intake software and how we can customize it to fit your particular business, give us a call or contact us via the contact form below.