What Do Legal Intake Specialists Do and How They Help Lawyers?

While we may not hear about them too often, legal intake specialists are lawyers' second pair of ears and designated right hand.

In fact, they are the first person who will get the details on a claim from a potential client and ensure their wellbeing.

Deciding to work with legal intake specialists will not only make your job easier but will also increase your client base and your business's reach without feeling suffocated and understaffed.

You could say they're a professional shoulder to cry on while making the necessary arrangements to get cases to the best law professional. So, why are intake specialists essential, and how do they help lawyers?

What Do Legal Intake Specialists Do?

Think of legal intake specialists as the first pitstop in getting a client's legal affairs in order. They are the first point of contact who will ensure that a case is well represented and researched to get what the client needs.

They are responsible for:

  • onboarding clients
  • scheduling appointments
  • managing and collecting client paperwork
  • monitoring all income calls at the law firm
  • ensuring they get the best information on a case
  • serving as the "friendly face and voice" of the firm

Furthermore, while legal intake specialists cannot offer legal advice, they are trained to collect client information in the most efficient way possible and pass it along to an attorney.

Isn't It Easier for a Law Firm to Work Directly with Clients?

The surprising answer is no. While lawyers are excellent at their jobs and are a crucial asset in a client's case, they are not trained or equipped to handle the psychological part of their jobs which is an important skill for forging long-lasting professional relationships.

Often, aside from professional legal advice, clients need someone to hear their pain and feel listened to. The following are the skills that legal intake specialists are trained to master:

  • legal terminology
  • exercising patience and empathy when talking to a potential client
  • using the right tone depending on the client they're talking to
  • understanding the client's needs immediately
  • helping clients on what to do next and what the next steps are
  • efficient multi-taskers with excellent customer service skills

Why Should a Law Firm Work with a Legal Intake Specialist?

Legal intake specialists are an invaluable resource for law firms when it comes to dealing with the everyday nitty-gritty: phones ringing off the hook, pre-screening clients, signing cases, overflowing inboxes, obtaining work history, medical records, and other important documents that help build a case.

By handing over the bureaucratic tasks, as a law firm, you have the freedom to deal with the legal part of the job that you've been hired to do without worrying about the smaller details, which in contrast, if not taken care of, can make or break your case.

Furthermore, dealing with a constant influx of leads might feel overwhelming and eventually lead to a substantial loss of clientele. By working with legal intake specialists, you will hand over a crucial part of your business to increase revenue: converting incoming leads.

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Finally, making sure that you are the best aid to clients is important, and the best way to achieve that is to have a top-notch team of specialists who will handle any inbound and outbound business coming your way.

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