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JUUL Facts & History Information

As there are common complex factual issues in JUUL litigation, the Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation has recognized the merit of centralized treatment. In this litigation, there are 9 defendants but, because it has a 75% market share of the vaping market, JUUL is the primary one.


Location: California

Presiding Judges

  • Honorable William H. Orrick III


  • Individuals
  • School districts
  • States
  • Counties


  • JUUL Labs, Inc. (JLI)
  • Beard Vape
  • Direct eLiquid
  • Electric Lotus
  • Electric Tobacconist
  • Eonsmoke
  • Juice Man
  • Tinted Brew
  • VapeCo


  • JUUL nicotine delivery products

Plaintiff Allegations

School districts allege they had to spend money on counseling and programs to keep students informed of the dangers of vaping. Individuals allege they suffered respiratory system damage, permanent brain damage, stroke, heart attack, addiction, and mood disorders. A wrongful death action was filed by the mother of an 18-year old. Plaintiffs in the JUUL litigation are alleging the manufacturers were negligent, created a public nuisance, are strictly liable for defective design and manufacturing, and violated deceptive trade practice laws and RICO laws. JUUL lawsuits also allege conspiracy with tobacco companies, intentional misrepresentation, and fraudulent concealment.


When the MDL was created in October 2019, there were 10 cases filed in 5 states. Currently, there are almost 300 cases filed in federal courts across the country.


  • A lawsuit alleging JUUL caused nicotine addiction was filed by the grandmother of a 16-year-old on behalf of her grandson
  • A lawsuit was filed against the makers of JUUL e-cigarette products by an Illinois community
  • A JUUL product liability lawsuit was filed by a California teen
  • JUUL MDL was created in October 2019


  • A lawsuit was filed by a man seeking damages for nicotine addiction to JUUL e-cigarettes
  • A lawsuit over failure to warn users about nicotine levels was filed by a teen addicted to JUUL files

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