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If you are a lawyer currently taking up T-Mobile data breach cases, our resourceful marketing team can efficiently help you attract the perfect clients.

Atraxia Media provides quality marketing services to law firms currently taking up T-Mobile claims nationwide. With over two decades of experience, we can help you acquire and secure new clients. In August 2021, the personal data of roughly 7.8 million T-Mobile customers was hacked and put on the dark web for sale, while the confidential information of as many as 40 million former or applicant customers was also hacked. As a result, over 76 million customers are now eligible for compensation. If you are seeking to attract as many affected T-Mobile customers willing to take legal action as possible and increase your law firm's visibility, Atraxia Media is the perfect company for you.

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Our Eligibility & Screening Criteria in T-Mobile Data Breach Cases

We have vast experience in delivering contracts to law firms based on their specific requirements, as we know that each legal client is unique and uses a different approach when providing assistance or representation. Atraxia Media is ready to implement a retaining campaign that will efficiently and rapidly help you attract and secure many T-Mobile clients who are seeking to file a claim. Our team will carry out your T-Mobile campaign by following these essential steps:

  • Pre-screening. We know that not every potential T-Mobile client who reaches out to you will meet the eligibility criteria of your law firm, which is why we place a strong emphasis on this step of the process. Since our team understands that you want to avoid wasting precious time assessing the situation of each prospective client, we are going to carefully evaluate these cases before they reach you so that you will receive only clients who meet your requirements.
  • Screening each case. Our team will screen each potential T-Mobile client according to your eligibility criteria by asking key questions and conducting thorough interviews to determine whether their case is a good fit for your law firm. This crucial step aims to differentiate between eligible and ineligible clients.
  • Following up with potential T-Mobile services clients. After determining which clients meet your requirements, our resourceful team will follow up with the eligible individuals to make sure they are still interested in filing a claim with your law firm. Furthermore, we will explain what the legal process entails and provide your potential clients with comprehensive answers to their questions.
  • Delivering signed contracts to your law firm. Choosing to collaborate with our expert team is a wise idea, as you will have a constant influx of signed contracts from Atraxia Law. We are committed to providing you with the contracts you need so that your law firm thrives and expands.
  • Connecting you with a greater volume of prospective T-Mobile services claimants. Our team has been working on increasing the number of good cases law firms receive for over 20 years, meaning that we have the necessary resources to ensure you will experience a heightening in your volume of clients.
  • Running in-house marketing strategies that generate cases. Through our internal intake department, we receive leads in real-time, which are subsequently reviewed based on your criteria. We are committed to making sure that no potential claimant is overlooked.
  • Getting T-Mobile services potential claimants exclusively to your law firm. Clients whose personal information was part of the T-Mobile data breach are in high demand at the moment, which is why our team will strive to discover the best clients possible, specifically for your law firm.

People who meet the following criteria might be eligible to file a T-Mobile claim:

  • They must be a current or former T-Mobile customer
  • They must have received a breach notice from T-Mobile and/or
  • They must have experienced identity theft or fraud

We strongly encourage lawyers who specialize in cybersecurity to contact Atraxia Media, as our experienced team has what it takes to devise a strong, effective marketing campaign meant to attract T-Mobile clients. Regardless of how complex your requirements are, we can come up with the best strategies for your law firm. Atraxia Media has a proven track record of success in advertising and managing law firms' specific needs.

T-Mobile Data Breach Facts & History

On August 15, 2021, a hacker was found selling 30 million Social Security numbers on the dark web, requesting six bitcoins, whose cash equivalent was approximately $277,000 at the time, for a collection of data including this information and also numbers of driver's licenses, names, and phone numbers. Three days later, after a thorough data breach investigation, T-Mobile discovered that the personal information of roughly 7.8 million current postpaid customers was part of the recently hacked tranche of data.

However, the number of T-Mobile users affected by the cyberattack is actually 76 million. The following is only some of the customers' personal information a third party may now have access to as a consequence of the company's negligence:

  • their full name
  • their phone number
  • their date of birth
  • their identification card information
  • their driver's license number
  • their Social Security number

The data breach is one of at least four to hit the wireless carrier since 2015. T-Mobile violated the California Consumer Privacy Act by failing to protect the sensitive information of customers and by holding onto it for too long than was necessary. For this reason, two class-action lawsuits were filed one day after the incident had come to light in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington. Today, everyone affected might be entitled to financial compensation from the $350 million settlement T-Mobile agreed to.




  • July:

    T-Mobile agreed to pay $350 million to settle the customers' claims and $150 to upgrade its data protection system. Over 76 million T-Mobile customers are eligible for up to $100 after the massive data breach that exposed their personal information. If the $350 million deal receives final approval at the January 2023 hearing, it will be the second-largest data breach payout in U.S. history after Equifax's $700 million settlement in 2019. "As we continue to invest time, energy and resources in addressing this challenge, we are pleased to have resolved this consumer class-action filing," T-Mobile said in a statement on its website.


  • August:

    Veera Daruwalla, a California resident, filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile, alleging that she had spent several hours addressing privacy concerns stemming from the data breach, such as reviewing financial and credit statements for evidence of unauthorized activity. T-Mobile violated the California Consumer Privacy Act by failing to prevent consumers' personal information "from unauthorized access and exfiltration, theft, or disclosure as a result of Defendant's violations of its duty to implement and maintain reasonable security procedures and practices appropriate to the nature of the information," wrote the attorney representing Daruwalla (Daruwalla v. T-Mobile USA Inc., W.D. Wash., No. 2:21-cv-1118, complaint 8/19/21).

  • Stephanie Espanoza, another California resident, also filed a class action lawsuit against T-Mobile, accusing the company of violating the Washington State Consumer Protection Act by committing unfair acts such as offering poor data security. The lawsuit was filed on the same day as the first one, and plaintiffs Jonathan Morales and Alex Pygin were also part of it (Espanoza v. T-Mobile USA Inc., W.D. Wash., No. 2:21-cv-1119, complaint 8/19/21).

Atraxia Media provides top-notch marketing and advertising services for law firms seeking to attract T-Mobile clients. We are fully committed to delivering high-quality results to your law firm by helping you increase the number of good cases you receive.

Our skilled team offers cost-effective strategies meant to promote your law firm by screening and qualifying clients. We have vast knowledge when it comes to the legal market industry, so you can rest assured that your law firm's visibility and your success in filing a large number of T-Mobile claims will skyrocket.